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What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is the process of removing imperfections in an automobile’s clear coat. This is achieved by using various techniques, tools and products to massage and/or re level the clear coat back to an almost, if not better-than-new state. Imperfections that may be present in a vehicle’s finish are sometimes referred to as “swirl marks” or “spider webbing”.

Other imperfections may be caused by bird droppings, tree sap, water-spots, or deep scratches that were instilled by the countless variables a vehicle is subject to on a daily basis. Other imperfections that can be present in paint are those that were put there by an inexperienced and common day-to-day detailer. These fine abrasive scratches are known as “holograms” or “buffer trails”.

The Process of Automotive Paint Correction

1. Color-Sanding to Level the Surface

2. Compounding

3. Polishing

4. Jeweling to a Mirror Finish

How Paint Corrections Raise the Value of Your Vehicle


Increase the Resale Value of Your Vehicle

When you give your vehicle a paint correction, it can add significantly more value to your vehicle, leaving you with extra money in your pocket as profit from this process.


Retain Greater Value

A paint correction for your vehicle will help you retain greater value. It is incredible what a simple paint correction can do for the value for your vehicle. The perceived value will increase, since people respond to a car looking like new on its surface.


Eliminate Swirls and Scratches

Another protective benefit of having a paint correction for your car is that swirls and scratches will get removed. It is inevitable to get these ‘character’ marks on a vehicle given the normal wear and tear in most environments.


Trade In Your Vehicle For Top Dollar

If it runs great but looks like it’s been through war, it will not net you a high trade-in value. A paint correction for your vehicle will ensure you get the most value out of your vehicle when you want to trade it in for a new one.


Restore Your Car to How It Used to Feel

You can restore your vehicle to its glory days with a paint correction in a way that will seem like magic. You may have a great car, but it will feel even better when it looks like it was the first day you got it.


Raise the Value of Your Vehicle With Paint Corrections

With a paint correction from Superior Ohio, you will give your vehicle’s paint the restoration it needs. Regardless if you vehicle is a sedan, SUV, sports car, truck, van, trailer, RV, semi-truck, boat, or plane, you can restore it to look brand new!

We use a variety of different compounds, polishes, and pads. Each vehicle has its own unique needs, and we have the tools to accommodate any make and model.

If you have swirl marks, hazy or dull paint, or have not had your vehicle detailed in a few years, a paint correction may be right for you! Often times people believe they need a new paint job when they simply need a professional paint correction. Unlike some waxes and other products that fill or hide defects in the paint for a few weeks, our paint correction service will permanently remove defects when properly cared for. 

Stop by to see if we can bring your vehicle back to life with our paint correction services!  
*Ceramic coatings may be added to any paint correction services at an additional charge. 
Starting at $800

Prices are subject to change based on vehicle condition.